We have both orange and white pumpkins available for purchase. Each variety comes in a range of sizes. The prices for each are displayed in the images below. Click on the image to view in a larger size.

pumpkin sizing white pumpkin sizing


Squash prices:

Small (less than 3 lbs.) $1.00

Medium (3-5 lbs.) $2.00

Large (5-7 lbs.) $3.00

X Large (more than 7 lbs.) $4.00

The different varieties we grow are listed below:


Prices of the gourds goes here...

50 cents each

Specialty Pumpkins

Prices of Specialty Pumpkins Goes Here

Prices vary from $3-$7

Other Products

Festive Corn


Mini Ears – 50 cents, Regular Ears – 3 for $2.00

Corn Stalks

Bundle of 4 - $3.00

Bundle of 4 – $3.00

Straw Bales

$5.00 Each

$5.00 Each